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At Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab (PTSR) of Hastings, you can trust our experienced staff will do everything to ensure you reach your goals and feel well.

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“After a total knee replacement I had to choose which therapy facility to go to. I wasn’t familiar with any, so I went with PTSR. I was already scared and unsure of what to expect, mostly because of the pain. Everyone at PTSR was very understanding and patient. I actually looked forward to going to therapy. I have been doing therapy 3 times a week now for six weeks and have come a long way thanks to the staff’s support and encouragement. I highly recommend PTSR if you are needing therapy!”
Priscilla R.
“First of all I want to thank all of the staff who got me through my shoulder rehab. I am happy to say that last Friday I played 18 holes of golf. I had no pain or soreness afterwards. I have quite a few people asking me how I recovered so fast after surgery. I give all of the credit to the PTSR staff.”
Teresa P.
“PTSR professionals personalize pain free therapy. Following rotator cuff surgery, I too, feared the pain of recovery. In reality, it was relatively pain free. I was impressed with the professionalism and teamwork approach of the PTSR staff. Everyone showed respect for my time and a caring attitude. Yes, I would recommend anyone needing therapy to use PTSR. Seek professionals with knowledge, experience and caring!”
Don S.
After receiving a total knee replacement over Christmas, I’ve been able to play avid golf this spring. This is due to the great staff at PTSR. My therapy was 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Scheduling was flexible and convenient for all of my appointments. Thanks to Gene and Bryan for motivating me every visit and helping me get back into the swing of things. Too bad it hasn’t improved my golf game!!
Marge K.

“After an extensive surgery on my shoulder and doing four months of PT with other physical therapists, I had a second surgery to remove the scar tissue that had built up and returned to physical therapy with PTSR.  I found that the therapists were all so eager to get my shoulder back to normal range of motion and they were knowledgeable in many different techniques to do so. I was impressed with the different procedures they did to aid in my rehabilitation and how responsive they were to my input. I couldn’t be more pleased with my recovery and how I was treated by all the staff at their facility.  I believe that they have given me the resources to continue my therapy at home and I am confident in my recovery moving forward and knowing that I can always go back to them in the future.
What a wonderful facility to rehabilitate in and most importantly what wonderful staff whom all seem genuine, caring and completely competent in the field of physical therapy. I will return to PTSR anytime I am in need of their services.”

Rhonda C.
“Five different times I have utilized the professional therapy services of Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab of Hastings. I have always appreciated their complete knowledge of the various methods for rehabilitation of the body. Through their tender and efficient methods, I achieved total use and mobility of the affected needs. On my last visit, I full didn’t understand their method, but the results were simply amazing, simplistic, and very easy to further maintain my activities pain-free. And I felt like a million dollars! I highly recommend their services.”
Richard P.
“I have been a client of PTSR since 1997. Whenever PT is required, I turn to them. This has included 2 rotator cuff surgeries, back and rib pain, knee pain, and balance problems. I can always be assured that I will feel better. The entire staff always has a friendly smile and a ‘hi’ for me.”
Shirley M.
“Being a student athlete, my schedule is very hectic. PTSR was flexible and easy to work with on scheduling. The staff was very supportive and compassionate throughout my rehabilitation with them.”
Alyssa G.



PTSR of Hastings offers the most experienced and caring professional team in the area.

Together our staff strives to create a positive, result-oriented and cost-effective environment.

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