Your body is a lot like a car. A car is built on a sound frame and has many interdependent moving parts. With complexity comes the potential for a variety of problems. Mechanical issues come in all shapes and forms, as does pain in the body. For example, if a wheel is misaligned, it will experience more rapid wear and decrease the efficiency of the car (think knee arthritis, rotator cuff pain). The tire itself is not the root issue – uneven wear is a symptom of a bigger problem. We all know that it isn’t a long-term solution to keep replacing the tire on the misaligned wheel (or just drive less). We need to address the cause of the problem. PTSR works hard to find solutions for long-term relief, not just band-aid fixes.

You should not have recurrent tightness or pain. Those are symptoms of a bigger problem, like a dashboard warning light. Often tightness is the body’s way of trying to stabilize your joints when strength is inadequate. You wouldn’t wait until your misaligned tire blows out on the road to get help, right? We should treat our bodies with at least as much care as our cars. Our therapists aim to not only determine the root cause of your discomfort and lead you through recovery, but also to give you the tools to be able to perform adequate maintenance to prevent, or at least address the problem if it should arise again.

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