We all hear the Dr. Scholl’s cool gel inserts commercial in the background. You’ve seen the “custom fit” kiosk from Dr. Scholl’s as well. Finally, you have probably come across “Amazon’s Pick” for an over the counter orthotic. Questions you may ask; Do all of these work? Answer: Maybe. Are all orthotics created equal? Answer: Not even close. You don’t have to be a Dr. to know that standing on a gel cushion is going to feel better than standing on concrete, but often our body needs more support than gel and memory foam.

Here at PTSR, we have a strong belief that the musculoskeletal health of the body literally starts from the ground up. A cheap or worn out pair of shoes can often be the source of foot, knee, hip, or back pain. Good footwear is a must, so get on down to Brown’s Shoe Fit and support your local Downtown Hastings shoe store!

In the situation that the problem persists past appropriate footwear is really when PT comes into play. Orthotics can be indicated for a variety of issues. Foot pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, and occasionally back pain can result from dysfunctional position of the foot such as over-pronation, flat feet, or even high-arch. Our therapists will assess what the source of the problem is, and give our professional opinion of appropriate orthotics

We carry 3 styles of over-the-counter orthotics, depending on your needs. Brent Weston and Mark Johnson are our two Sole Support Certified Therapists that cast custom orthotics directly in our office. We can also customize our over the counter orthotics with wedges, heel lifts, additional posting, and even pressure relief for sore spots such as blisters, calluses, and neuromas.

For the money, there isn’t a better value for the reliable product. Our over-the-counter orthotics are $50/pair. This includes a quick assessment, recommendation, and fitting. Our true, custom orthotics are $275/pair, with an additional outgrowth policy available for purchase. This outgrowth policy helps to cover additional orthotics needed when kids outgrow the current pair. We frequently have patients tell us they have spent anywhere from $400-$600 on custom orthotics elsewhere. Issuing a pair of orthotics at our PT clinic is much more than just swiping the credit card. Our therapists take the time to assure comfort and resolution of symptoms with the array of footbed supplies that we utilize.

The next time you hear that Dr. Scholl’s commercial on in the background and think about googling orthotics, give PTSR a call and see how we can help.

Get your life back in motion at PTSR!