Balance and Mobility

We offer the latest tools equipment for your balance and mobility.  We have made a commitment to improve our care for patients with balance disorders and increased risk of falls by utilizing a Bertec BalanceCheck System.  This computerized balance plate allows us to test static and dynamic balance against age-based norms and immediately begin treatment on plate utilizing visual biofeedback training.  We use this information along with a thorough physical examination to identify gait, strength, and flexibility impairments and then develop the best possible plan of care to improve our patients’ mobility and decrease their risk of falling.  This may include the prescription of an appropriate assistive device as well as a safe and effective home program.

We also utilize our Hydroworx warm-water aquatic therapy to offer aquatic therapy services to assist our balance and mobility patients or any of our other patients whom will benefit from the therapeutic properties of the water.

For more information about our Balance and Mobility services, or to begin, please contact us.