By now you’ve seen plenty of ads for massage guns in your Amazon emails, as well as many of them being used on the sidelines of sporting events, but what are they doing with those things? Percussive therapy is an effective way to massage and elicit change to different muscle groups of the body and provide expedited recovery following injury, or muscle tension due to stress.
Percussive therapy stimulates circulation, which in turn, the oxygenated blood brings nutrients and heat to that muscle tissue, releasing tension and aides in the healing process. Other benefits include improve flexibility and decreased pain, which can lead to improved tolerance for further strengthening.
Percussive therapy brings massage to a whole new level. Paired with an exercise and stretching program, our therapists down here at PTSR can get you on the road to recovery from that back pain, chronic headache, or any other injury you suffer from. We provide an individualized assessment and pair our treatment plan with your goals to get you back to where you want to be.
We continue to offer cutting edge physical therapy treatment with some of the most experience staff in the Hastings area.
Get your life back in motion at PTSR!