Possibly the most mis-pronounced part of the body, the “Rotary Cup”, “Rotor Cuff”, “Rotator Cup” is vital to  the function of the shoulder. Officially name the Rotator Cuff, this muscle group is comprised of 4 muscles, all originating on the shoulder blade (Scapula), and attaching to the upper arm bone (Humerus). Without getting too nerdy on you, the main responsibilities of the rotator cuff include initiation of shoulder movements, rotations of the shoulder, and protection of the shoulder capsule. The rotator cuff is the foundation, and works in unison with a plethora of other scapular muscles and muscles of the shoulder. Without a strong foundation, the shoulder is prone to several issues.

By design, the shoulder is designed for tremendous movement in all directions. However, the limitation of that design is a shallow socket, and the rotator cuff is the first line of defense to prevent excessive movement in the socket. The cuff can be damaged in a situation of extreme ROM, catching something heavy, or any other trauma to the shoulder.

Poor posture along can also damage the cuff, changing the position of the shoulder complex and pinching on the cuff when activating the shoulder. Repetitive use injuries in someone with poor posture is a recipe for disaster to cause tendinitis, strain, fray, and in some cases, tear the rotator cuff musculature.

Individuals suffering from rotator cuff tendinitis, strain, or even minor tears can really respond favorably to a custom PT program at PTSR. We focus on pain reduction, and functional strengthening to stabilize the scapula and shoulder complex to protect and strengthening the rotator cuff. In cases where conservative treatment doesn’t provide enough relief, our therapists communicate directly with our great local Orthopedic Surgeons. 

Post-Op Rotator Cuff Repair Programs are usually quite involved. Depending on your age, hobbies, profession, and activity level, it is common to need Physical Therapy for upwards of 3-6 months following surgery. Different injuries and different surgeons have some slight variations to the program, but surgery programs tend to be quite involve. We have been working with these surgeries and many others since 1992, so the next time you google; physical therapy near me, give us a call.

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