Heart disease is a risk for all of us.  So how to prevent it?  There are lots of diet related changes you can make to make a difference, but there’s also simple physical activity changes you can start doing today to decrease your heart disease risk.  Read more about the recommendation from the American Physical Therapy Association.


Extra Steps Can Help Those At Risk for Diabetes Avoid Heart Attack, Stroke


Individuals at risk for diabetes can cut their risk for heart attack or stroke by 8% by taking an extra 2,000 steps a day—equivalent to about 20 minutes of moderately paced walking—according to a study of more than 9,000 adults performed by researchers at the University of Leicester and published in theLancet.

“Two thousand steps seemed to be the magic number,” TIME reported (“How Many Steps Does it Take to Avoid a Heart Attack? Researchers Find Out” – December 19, 2013). “Even before the study began, for every 2,000 steps a day one participant tended to walk on average compared to another, he enjoyed a 10% lower rate of heart problems by the end of the year.”


Great advice to implement to avoid heart disease.  Time to lace up those walking shoes!